Photography is personal and exciting when trying to capture a moment for you, family or business. Our main focus is to listen as you explain the vision of your session. The photo session is driven by the direction you desire which means understanding and seeing your style then coming up with a personal onsite location. The main direction and my point of view is simplicity. This is where I avoid messy scenes, backgrounds and concentrate on you being most important.

The world is full of great photographic “looks” and ideas that we all would love to embrace. There in lies the problem and is where my photography labor may work for you. The photographer’s focus creates thought and captures emotion at the time of clicking the camera button. Over the years of experience in the photography field and life experience in itself has honed my eye through the viewfinder to make the photograph happen. This of course includes assistance from the subject and my awesome wife who has taught me much. Once our time at the site of your choice is complete I gather all the initial photos and create an amazing photography collection from the session for you to take home and enjoy!

I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the few shots included in this site to see the style I create. Feel free to call if you want an appointment where we can discuss and schedule in a time and day for you.

Call or Text: (208) 965-9242

We do our best to allow you to be who you are while being creative and alive!